Florence School of Music

In the heart of Florence

These courses are in collaboration with prestigious Florentine Music Schools. They are taught by music teachers and opera singers and are open to both amateurs and professionals, including students who wish to prepare for enrolment selection at the Music Conservatory. We offer many music courses: harp, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, bass, flute, piccolo, violin, cello, drums and percussion, classical and modern piano, classical and modern guitar, accordion, classical and modern singing.

Each lesson is €50

The Istituto Italiano guarantees
  • Small class sizes: to always receive individual attention.
  • Greatest flexibility: we are happy to assist you at any time.
Length and cost for individuals
Length Hours Fees
1 week 10 450€
Length and cost for group min. 3/7 max
Length Hours Fees
1 week 10 300€
Course program

Available courses: History of music, musical instrument of your choice, diction, song writing, Neapolitan songs, opera librettos, song lyric.

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