Education: techniques and methods “Excellence in Teaching”

Striving to find techniques in education to teach students a good study method is possibly a teacher’s definition of a good teaching method. This timeless philosophy of the art of teaching and way of life has always been embraced by our experienced, qualified teachers. All the teachers at the ISTITUTO ITALIANO® have a university degree and are highly experienced. Many also collaborate with the Italian State schools, ensuring extremely high standards of professional experience. Their role is to help students by stimulating interest and creating good group dynamics so that, with peace and tranquillity, each individual can achieve his/her objectives. The ultimate goal of our mission: excellence in teaching. Upon arrival, students take a placement test to guarantee they enter a class of the correct level and section, following the standards of the CEFR (QCER in Italian). From that moment on, students begin the educational path that will lead them, with the help of valid methods, through the following stages of learning the grammar and syntax of the Italian Language. Even more horizons open up for students that combine their Italian language course with Additional or In-depth courses: a real full immersion in Italian life and culture.