ISTITUTO ITALIANO® - Accademia Italia participates in the Marco Polo - Turandot project, which is designed to facilitate the enrolment of Chinese students in Italian universities, conservatories and academies. Our courses have been specifically designed to allow the students to reach level B1/B2 in Italian.

The Italian language courses are held during the academic year before the first year of University enrolment.


  • 10 months: the course starts on November 8, 2017 and finishes on August 24, 2018.
    the rate is 5000 Euros
  • 11 months: the course starts on October 10, 2017 and finishes on August 24, 2018.
    the rate is 5500 Euros

Some in-depth studies for conservatories and academies are planned.

The courses takes place in the morning or in the afternoon. The lessons aim at developing the student’s listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. Teaching is complemented by additional activities such as cinema, guided tours, lectures, musical and cultural events,... etc. Our students will take advantage of several discounts thanks to the school’s agreements. Lessons are not held on Italian public holidays.


These courses are designed for the students who wish to expand their knowledge in the music science and access the conservatory. The courses are made in co-operation with the well-known Fiesole School of Music. Our program includes, among others, drills and simulations of the conservatory admission test.

  • For 10/11 months (min. 10 - max 15 students)
    the rate is 3000 Euros


The purpose of this course is to expand the student's knowledge of the art and help him to prepare the admission test to academies and to the Faculty of Architecture. The program also includes the use of programs and multimedia applications such as Photoshop, CAD, and an in-depth study of the following curriculum subjects: Design, Technical disciplines, Painting, Interior Design, Art History and Architecture, new tecnologies.

  • For 10/11 months (min. 10 - max 15 students)
    the rate is 3000 Euros


Accademia Italia can provide an efficient accommodation service, satisfying each students' need. A wide range of lodging solutions is offered: single and double rooms, independent apartments, rooms in a family with meals, B&B or hotels. Apartments are with self catering. Payment of the accommodation fee directly to the landlord upon arrival. You are kindly requested to inform us about any allergy and intolerance to help us to improve our service.

For more info, please contact:

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